12 Papers for Calotypes 8×10″ (20x25cm)

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Waxed and salted papers for calotypes. Ready to be sensitized in a silver nitrate bath.

1l Calotype Fixer

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1l of calotype fixer. Concentrate to make a 1:3 dilution to get a total of 3l.

Silver Nitrate Calotype Bath (1000ml)

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1 litre of silver nitrate bath prepared to sensitize calotypes.

Kit for Calotypes 8×10″ (20x25cm)

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The original price was: 250,00€.The current price is: 220,00€.

The calotype kit includes all the basics to get you started in this process. Below are the products we have gathered in this kit:

We will also send you a little manual so you can start working with the process.

We usually don't a stock of waxed calotype paper. It is a handmade product and its preparation can take up to 10 days.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write to us at info@analoginside.com

Concentrated Gallic Acid Developer (250 ml)

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250 ml of concentrated gallic acid developer for calotypes. The developer should be mixed in a ratio that goes from 20ml per litre to 80ml per litre. Final volume: from 12.5 litres to 3.13 litres

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