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Falcon Eyes Flash Tube RTC-1555-1500L for TE-1200/TF-1200

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The Falcon Eyes RTC-1555-1500L Flash Tube is suitable for the following Studio Flash Units:

TE-1200 Digital

Falcon Eyes Studio Flash TF-1200L with LCD Display

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We work with 4 of these 1200 w/s flashes at the studio and an f/4 aperture lens. We are incredibly happy with them. They are incredibly cheap and powerful. But the best advantage that we saw compared with other powerful flashes was the price of the flashbulbs. The price for a 4800w/s flashbulb goes up to 700€-800€ and these 1200 w/s are 59,95€ each.

This professional studio flash has 1200Ws power and a modeling lamp with 250W power. The TF-L series by Falcon Eyes are advanced flashes for the demanding studio photographer. They offer everything you would expect of a professional studio flash, such as a fast recharging time, sturdy metal housing, professional bayonet-connection for accessories, a built-in slave receiver and a very accurate adjustability.

Of course, the modeling lamp can be switched on and off and its power can also be set proportional to the flash power. Also, the flash is equipped with an auto-powerdump function and protection from overheating.

But what really sets this flash apart, is this:

  • Clear LCD screen The bright, blue LCD-screen can easily be read.
  • Intelligent remote control (optional) With the additional wireless remote control RC-2L, you can change settings such as flash power, when the flash is positioned out of your reach (e.g. at 3 meters height). Furthermore you can control up to 10 different flash units. See "Optional Accessories".
  • The possibility to let the slave-receiver flash at the first, second or third flash This way, you can trigger the flash on a flash of your choice. Most studio flashes flash immediately when the built-in slave-receiver detects another flash. But the TF-L flashes can be set to go off at the second and third flash as well. This way, you can use the pre-flash function of you camera flash.

The lamp is fitted at the bottom with a standard spigot connection, That makes it fit on almost any light stand. The lamp has a Falcon Eyes bayonet connector in the front, allowing many different accessories such as softboxes, beauty dishes and reflectors to be connected.


  • Falcon Eyes TF-1200L studio flash
  • Flash tube
  • Modeling Lamp
  • Reflector
  • Synchronization cable
  • Power cable
  • Manual

Falcon Eyes LHD-B928FS lighting kit

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The Falcon Eyes LHD-B928FS Daylight Kit contains two LHD-B928FS lamp holders, two octaboxes (80cm), eighteen 28W energy saving spiral lamps each with a power comparability of 140W and two W805 light stands (2.35m).

This set is ideal for product photography, portrait photography and videography and is suitable for both, beginner and experienced photographers and videographers. The LHD-B928FS is equipped with 5 power switches, allowing you to switch the lamps on and off separately. If you wish to minimize your light output, you can simply switch off 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 of the lamps.

Optional spiral lamps can be purchased if you wish to have more light. The 28W bulbs can be replaced with 5 40W, 55W, 70W or 85W lamps. The maximum light output is 2125W, which is equivalent to 5 85W spiral lamps. Further, a reflector can be used instead of the supplied octabox. Such optional accessories can be found in the optional accessories tab below.

The kit includes:

  • 2x Lamp Holder LHD-B928FS
  • 2x W805 Light Stand
  • 2x 80cm octaboxes
  • 18x 28W Spiral Lamp

Modeling lamp 220V-250W

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The Excella Modeling Lamp has a light output of 250W and is equipped with an E27 lamp socket.

Falcon Eyes Foldable Octabox FEOB-8 80 cm

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The Falcon Eyes FEOB-8 Foldable Octabox has a diameter of 80 cm and is easy to set up. The FEOB-8 is suitable for portrait and product photography and is supplied with 2 diffuse cloths. The diffuse material spreads the light evenly, provides a neutral colour temperature and minimizes shadows and reflections.

Falcon Eyes FEOB-8 Foldable Octabox Specifications

The FEOB-8 is supplied with a standard Falcon Eyes speed ring. This speed ring is compatible with all Falcon Eyes studio flash units except for the Falcon Eyes SS series.

By using an additional speed ring adapter, the FEOB-8 is compatible with Bowens, Broncolor, Elichrom, Hensel, Multiblitz and Linkstar studio flash units.


1 x Foldable Octabox

1 x Falcon Eyes Adapter Ring

1 x Diffuse Cloth (ø 43 cm)

1 x Diffuse Cloth (ø 80 cm)

Protective Sleeve

Head Restraint Chair

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Chair with headrest for portraits with long exposure processes, such as collodion and daguerreotypes. Very comfortable, light, height adjustable and easy to transport. It is made of wood and brass.

We do not normally have headrests in stock. We manufacture them once we receive your order and it takes one or two weeks to make them.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us:

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